You have ventured into the world of the Gregarious.. Redfoot tortoise.

We are going to get right into this by saying up-front that the purpose of this site is to help all that have ever been confused, deceived, distressed or felt taken advantage of.. by: breeders, dealers or brokers of Redfoot tortoises! Especially "Caresheets" based on hearsay, not experience!
We all have experienced the above.. including us!!!

Existing caresheet can be found here..turtletary.com, and the more detailed (based on age), can be found on the above diet and housing links.

Because there is so much contradiction among those on the internet.. we are attempting to demonstrate how to raise and maintain your redfoot from hatchling unto adulthood. If "a picture is worth a 1000 words" holds true.. then you have already seen how a few of ours look - raised and maintained by these guidelines.

That's us.. Redfoots.com.. we are committed to excellence.. hope you enjoy your visit. But more importantly.. that you'll learn something that will help keep your redfoots healthy and happy and will be your "friends for life"! Please keep in mind..too much or too little of any one step will throw it all out of balance.